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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Thursday 2nd April

Good Morning Year 3!

I hope you didn't play any tricks at home with your parents on April Fools Day!! 

Here are your learning tasks for today...

Love Miss Townson smiley


Get the CGP Reading Comprehension Book out of your Home Learning Pack. Turn to page 4 and readt he text. Then complete the questions on page 5. 

This text links to the Stone Age topic we did in History at the beginning of the year! I hope you enjoy reading it. 




In your Home Learning Packs, find the testbase Year 3 Mid-year Arithmetic booklet. Complete questions 1-15. Remember to show your workings out!


Continuing our program music idea, I thought this week you would like to watch a clip of another type of bird from Saint Saens’s composition called Carnival of the Animals. Remember what the Flamingo clip was like? Really fast and fun! Well this one is about the beautiful and elegant swan. This bird is different so the music will be different too. Watch out for the graceful ballerina – she is trying to be the swan and move like the swan does.

After watching, sketch a swan in your workbook and describe how the music represented the character. Think about: 

pitch (high and low sounds)

tempo (fast or slow)

dynamics (loud or quiet)

How could you describe each of these?


Your work last week on the flamingos was amazing so I am really looking forward to seeing this week’s work!

If you want to email me your work, I will pass on your pictures to Mrs Jones.

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