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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Tuesday 30th June

Good morning Year 4 you are doing some amazing work thank you, keep up the good work! This week, as well as completing your lessons that I set on here, you need to make sure you:

  • Read. What book are you reading at the minute? Have you read any poetry or non-fiction?
  • Play on TT Rockstars
  • Keep in contact with me through the blog or email. This is really important and I love to see what you are doing whilst you are at home.
  • Don't forget to join in with the Virtual Sports Day events and Dance for your PE, send videos and pictures of your sport event scores to me via email and I will upload them to the school website for everyone to see, lets see who can win!

Here are today's task enjoy:


Well this weather is great!  If you cannot take part in the LSG celebration day today - don't worry, just do what you can when you can.....

please note some of the below links may not go live until later today/early evening so don't be alarmed if they do not work if you click on them now!


10.00am- Why not open the day with this celebration video? (with subtitles) (no subtitles) 

10.15am :  Take part in the Danceathon

Full Celebration dance routine-  

10.30am: onwards - enjoy your sportsday! Try out the events and email me!

2.30pm: Thank you - for taking part

 Closing video - 


Task 1: Maths

LO: Translations and Lines of Symmetry

Log onto Education City: click on class work then on Maths Task: Tuesday 30th June and complete all the activities and only use the answer sheets to check your answers! It looks like this:


Task 2: English

LO: To complete a reading comprehension

From the KS2 English Comprehension Year 4 Targeted Question Book in your folders, complete the An Interview with Tim Peake Comprehension activity on pages 18-19. Don’t forget the put the Date at the top of the page.  Please read through the text carefully and keep going back to the text after you have read each question! The answers are in the text! If you wanted an extra challenged why not carry on the next part of the play and continue to write it out into your exercise books.
You may want to draw me a picture that would explain the story further. When you have done and email your maser pieces! Enjoy!


Task 3: French

LO: To describe facial features

This week is our last lesson on our topic of describing facial features. Look at the PowerPoint presentation - please make sure it is viewed as a slide show, and that you listen to the audio on some of the slides.

Your task is to choose at least one of the three pictures at the end of the slide, and describe it using all the vocabulary we have been learning. There is an example picture first (the red and yellow lady), which will show you what you need to do when you describe your chosen picture. Please write your descriptions in your book, and if you can, send a picture in the comments of the French blog, or by email to Mr Steele.

If you would like an extra challenge - try to give a description for all three pictures!

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