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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Thursday 4th February 2021

Hello Year One,


It was so lovely to see all of your faces yesterday, I cannot wait to see you all again today! laugh

Once you have finished with our morning sessions you can find below your lessons for today. Remember work hard as tomorrow I will be deciding who the home leaner of the week will be.

Miss Armstrongheart

Time to wake up and say HELLO ! laugh


Hola, Bonjour, HELLO! - Champiverse | GoNoodle


Today’s task is focusing on looking at the different ways in which we can write ‘i’

We can write it with i, igh, ie,and i-e.

Watch the short video below for some more information through a little song. Then complete the phonics games below. This game is similar to the bingo game you will need a dice, if you do not have one you can use the online dice (click the link below) place your counter/figuring on START. You can only move by rolling the dice and move the amount rolled. When you land on a word depending on the colour means which task you need to do.

RED – say a rhyming word.

BLUE – Use the word in a sentence.

YELLOW – Spell the word on a piece of a paper without looking at the board.

Continue rolling the dice and moving around the board. You can write your task in either your GREEN or BLUE books.

Enjoy! smiley

Long Vowel Letter ie/i-e/igh/y - Phonics song


We are nearly at the end of exploring the story Lost and Found. Today please watch the video of the story then can you please complete the worksheet ‘how did the boy and the penguin feel at the end? Did they feel sad, happy, lonely, excited? Can you think of some other words which we could use? I have attached a describing feelings document for some ideas.

Lost and Found By Oliver Jeffers


In our Math’s lesson for today we are going to look at a different way of measuring. Today we are going to look at how we can use our hands to help us measure. Please see below the link for the school videos to find further information for todays task.



Where do you Live?


We have now made it all the way to  Padiham!


Today's power point is about the town in which you live so you will all be experts and I will learn something from you because I don't live in Padiham.

Look carefully at the Power point and think about where you live.


You will need worksheet 4A.


You may need help to choose the correct missing words and where you live may not be like where others live so I may get lots of different answers that are all right!


Please send me your work. I do love to see it on Thursdays.

Thank you

Mrs Clough

Power Point. Local

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