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You can choose from any of the Science lessons below. There are lessons on light which is the topic we studied in Autumn 1 and there are lessons on Electricity that we have been studying in Autumn 2. 

Autumn 1: Light 


Our first topic in Year 6 was light. In the first half of the Autumn Term we learnt that light comes from natural and man-made sources and our main source of light is the sun. Light travels in straight lines and when light hits an object that it can not pass through it will form a shadow that is the same shape as the object. Due to the fact that our Earth is rotating daily the length of our shadows change throughout the day. 


There are 2 lessons on light that you can do if you are isolating. 



Autumn 2 - Electricity 

L.O Understand the symbols used in a circuit diagram and how the brightness of a bulb is related to the number and voltage of cells used in the circuit.

The activities on Electricity are on Education City. YOU WILL NEED TO DO THEM ON A LAPTOP, AS THEY ARE NOT ALL TABLET FRIENDLY. Once you have done the Education City activities there are some experiments you can try.


It isn’t safe to play with circuits and electricity at home, but you can safely do experiments using a special type of electricity called STATIC ELECTRICITY.

Watch the YOUTUBE video. Even if you can’t do them at home, they are fun to watch.


Static electricity is the build-up of an electrical charge on the surface of an object. The smallest particle of a material which an object is made from is called an atom. Atoms contain an equal amount of positive and negative charges. Atoms with the same type of charge repel one another, while those with the opposite type of charge attract one another.

Static Electricity Experiments and Tricks

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