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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Wednesday 24th June

Happy Wednesday Year 5! Again, we have reached the middle of the working week. Time is going so fast! Please make sure you are emailing me your work or using the blog as I love to hear from you. Only 2 people used the blog yesterday! Keep going for the last few weeks of Year 5. You have done so well and I couldn’t be prouder of you.


Here is what I would like you to do today:

LO – To answer questions on a given text

To fit in with our History topic, I would like you to read the text below on jobs for children in Victorian times. There are then 10 questions underneath that you need to answer. Mark them and then tell me your score by sending an email or commenting on the blog.

LO – To solve a range of problems involving subtracting decimals.

I’ve been really impressed with your Maths work this week. There have been some brilliant scores! We are going to continue today but we will focus more on reasoning and problem solving questions. Remember that magic rule about the decimal point. Always make sure it is lined up when subtracting using a formal method. Answer the questions below and then mark them. Again, please let me know your score.

LO – To explore the music of Asia.

This week we head to Asia on the other side of the world. Asia is a very big continent, and our lesson today focuses on the East Asian country of China. Watch the two videos below and read through the PowerPoint slides. You will need to view the presentation as a slide show or the links to the videos will not work! Your task is on the final slide, to make a beautifully decorated Chinese fan and then use the fan to perform with the Chinese fan dance video on the PowerPoint. Please remember to send in pictures of your finished fan, you can comment on the music blog or email work to your teachers. 

I hope you enjoy this task! Mrs Miskell

Children's Chinese New Year Fan Dance

Japanese fan dance performed by Smart Method Kids students 026.mpg

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