RECEPTION 2023 ADMISSIONS - We are holding open sessions at 2pm on the following dates if you would like to come and have a look around school - Wed 14th Sept, Wed 5th Oct, Wed 2nd Nov, Wed 7th Dec and Wed 4th Jan.
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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another



Monkeys W/c 6/07/15

Chameleons W/c 15/06/15

Snakes W/c 8/06/15

Tigers W/c 1/06/15

Snakes W/c 30th March 2015

Pandas W/c 23rd March 2015

Monkeys W/c 16th March 2015

Crocodiles W/c 9th March 2015

Tigers W/c 2nd March 2015

Chameleons W/c 23rd February 2015

Crocodiles W/c 9th February 2015

Monkeys W/c 2nd February 2015

Pandas W/c 26th January 2015

Snakes W/c 19th January 2015

Chameleons W/c 12th January 2015

Tigers W/c 5th January 2015

Tigers W/c 15th December 2014

Chameleons W/c 8th December 2014

Snakes W/c 1st December 2014

Pandas w/c 24th November 2014

Monkeys w/c 17th November 2014

Crocodiles w/c 10th November 2014

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