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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Monday 19th July

Happy Monday Year 6! 

It's really close now. Only today and tomorrow to go and then you have completed primary school! That's a big tick on your list of 'life jobs to complete'. Next stop - high school. A long summer of fun is at your finger tips - but not quite yet. We have some exciting challenges in store for you today and tomorrow. So, get ready to start your learning!


LO: To write a letter

Today's challenge will be appreciated by all the staff who have supported you throughout your journey at St John's. I want you to write a thank you letter to an adult at St John's who has helped you in some way whilst you have been at our school. It could be a thank you to Mrs Collins in Reception who helped you to begin reading, to Mrs Barker in the kitchens for fabulous food or to Mrs McKeating for organising so many fun days that you will always  remember. This is a great activity for you to think about and complete and I know the staff will love receiving a letter from you which they will undoubtedly treasure. Enjoy!

Please email or blog your letters in the normal way.


LO: To solve puzzles

With the Tokyo Olympics being next week, I thought you would enjoy solving 'The Mystery of the Missing Medals'. There are 5 clues to find the answer to which then reveal who the culprit is. I have included the answers at the end of the worksheet so you can check if you solved the crime correctly!


Many of our Year 6 class love art so I thought I would set you this Olympic themed art challenge today. First of all look at the finished Olympic Torch art, then either download the template or create it freehand on paper. Complete the art with the colours and style of your choice. I can't wait to see your work. Blog or email in the normal way.


Next weekend the Tokyo Olympics will begin. There are quite a few British medal chances so I hope you can watch some of the exciting events. To get you in the sporting mood, try this Olympic workout challenge!


SUMMER OLYMPICS This or That! PE Brain Break Activity!

This or That SUMMER OLYMPICS EDITION! Enjoy this fun activity that is ALL THINGS SUMMER OLYMPICS-gymnastics, aquatics, basketball, soccer, skateboarding, BMX...

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