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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Wednesday 13th January

Task 1

Maths - Adding up to 10.

Click on the link - Subitising to 10.

I would like you to play Number Bingo using numbers 0-10.

You could use the numbers from Friday when you played matching pairs but don't forget to write number 0. If you don't then write numbers 0-10 on separate pieces of paper. Your adult will need them. You need to choose and write 9 numbers to go on your Bingo grid.

Please find On the Farm I spy adding up to 10 sheet in your pack.

How many Farmers?

How many tractors?

How many dogs?

How many pigs?

How many horses?

How many goats?

How many sheep?

How many ducks?

How many chicks?

Good luck with your counting. smiley

Task 2


Click on the link - Act out the Alphabet.

Get your Snakes and Ladders game out of your pack. You can use small objects for counters and you have your dice that you made yesterday. Don't forget to take turns, segment and blend the words when you land on them. 

Click on the link - ck sound

Now write these words on your whiteboards.

Can you say and write a sentence with a 'ck' word?

Task 3

RE, PSED and C & L - A New Start 2021

Thinking about our story, Mr Gumpy's Motor Car. How do you think Mr Gumpy felt when his friends said they would not help him?

Think about a time when Mummy or Daddy asked you for help and you didn't want to help. How do you think they felt?

So, now you've thought about how people might feel when we don't help them. Let's start this New Year about thinking about others and how we can be better people.

I would like you to think of a New Year promise of something you can get better at.

Some ideas: 

  • tidying my bedroom
  • helping to wash up
  • getting dressed by myself
  • fastening my coat up
  • sharing my toys
  • eating more fruit and vegetables
  • helping a friend

You might have a different idea. You can draw a picture of your promise and write a sentence underneath.

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