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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Thursday 4th March 2021

Hello Year One,

Only two more days of home learning and then we are back to school altogether. I cannot wait!

I have received another email yesterday saying that the Year One children have read a total of ………

800 Books! WOW this is amazing news, well done to everyone who has been reading on the Epic Reading website. When we return to school we will be back to our reading books and records. However, for extra reading you can continue to use this website whenever you wish too.


Very important next week when you do return to school can you make sure you bring in your reading book and record. So Mrs Glynn can find you a new book to read. Thank you.smiley


Today you have Phonics, English, Math’s and History. Remember to keep working hard and try your best as tomorrow I will be announcing my home learner of the week for the

the last time.

Have a lovely Thursday everyone,

Miss Armstrong heart



World Book Day 2021

Today is world book day, sadly because we are not all in school we have decided to not dress up this year as our favorite characters. However, Mrs Glynn's mum, Mrs Maxwell  has been very kind to read some stories for Year 2s class and for us too. I have attached the stories so once you have completed your lessons for today. Look down at the bottom of the page for stories with Mrs Maxwell. Find a nice cosy spot in your homes and listen to these wonderful stories.

To help celebrate this wonderful day I have set you a little task. You will need lots of books for this. Can you complete the scavenger hunt below? Then send Miss Armstrong your results and there will be a certificate for the best world book day scavengers.

Can you also again send Miss Armstrong some super photos of you reading in the most unusual and wonderful places. 

Good Luck!


Today we are going to focus on e-e, you might recognise some other words below have a look.

Here is a link below for more information on the split digraph.

The E-E Sound | Phase 5 | Phonics

Can you complete the worksheet below looking for the real and nonsense words with e-e.


Today we are going to be finishing the story of The Bog Baby. Please click on the video below to hear the last part of our story.

Bog Baby Part Three.mp4

Still image for this video

Then click on the worksheet below to find out your task for today. I would like you to write a letter pretending you are one of the children.

The sisters did not tell their mother where they were going or what they were doing. They also kept the Bog Baby a secret for quite a while. Mum was very understanding but it was not a safe thing to do. Imagine you are one of the sisters and you are writing a letter to their mother below.


Click on the document below.


Today we are going to be practicing partitioning our numbers. You will recognise today that we can use Part, Part, Whole as a tool to help us. Please click on the video for the Magic Math’s.  

Teen Numbers Song | Jack Hartmann

Then access the worksheet below you may want to draw your own Part, Part, Wholes on a whiteboard or paper to help you as you answer the questions. Use the image below as guidance.

Hello Year 1


 This will be our last on line learning session together. I am counting the sleeps until next week!

Please follow the power point about two types of castle this week and then answer the questions please.

I look forward to seeing your work!


Thank You all

Mrs Clough

Story Time with Mrs Maxwell 

Story One

Still image for this video
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