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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Monday 6th April

Good Morning Year 3!

I hope you had a lovely weekend, comment on the blog and let me know what you got up to! I played a quiz with my family on the video chat Zoom! I came 3rd woo!

We have 4 days left of learning until your Easter Break and as this week is Holy Week, we will be thinking about the Easter story that led up to the death of Jesus Christ. 

I am very proud of all of you, so keep up the hard work!

Here are your learning tasks for today...

Love Miss Townson heart

PE with Joe - Friday 3rd April 2020

Let's get moving!


Find your CGP Comprehension Book and turn to page 6.
Read the poem and then answer the questions on page 7. 

If you have a garden - could you do a nature trail and then write on the blog telling me what you found? 

Extra challenge - could you use the poem as a guideline to write your own poem about what you found at the end of your garden? Write this poem in your work books. 


For example:


At the bottom of my garden,
There's a pond and a bush.
Lots of woodlice scutter by,

I think they're in a rush!


I look forward to reading your poems!



I would like you to warm up your brains by spending 10 mins on Garage on Times Table Rock Stars. 


Then for your main activity...

Find the test base booklet that you started on Thursday and complete questions 15-30. 

Tomorrow, I will post ALL of the answers from 1-30 onto the blog and you can mark your papers and comment your scores. 

Remember to show your workings out!


Yesterday was Palm Sunday which is the start of Holy Week (the last week of Lent).

This is when Jesus rode into Jerusalem riding a donkey. Palm branches were placed in his path, everybody shouted and sang 'Hosanna' in praise. They were so happy to meet him and welcome him. If you have a Bible at home, look for Matthew chapter 21, verse 1-9 to read the story. (Matthew 21:1–9). I have also posted two videos below that show the story, watch them carefully.

I would then like you to draw a picture of Jesus riding into Jerusalem with all the crowd laying palm leaves and shouting songs of praise. Then I would like you to think carefully about how you think Jesus might have been feeling and what he would have been thinking. Draw a speech bubble and write his thoughts and feelings inside. Draw another speech bubble to someone in the crowd and write down how you think they might have been feeling too. I have put an example below for you to use. You can email me your work at


There's a fun wordsearch to do when you've finished too!

God's Story: Palm Sunday

On Palm Sunday, we remember the time Jesus entered Jerusalem--and everybody started praising him! This was even prophesied many years before in Zechariah 9:9...

Palm Sunday For Kids: The Triumphal Entry - Luke 19

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