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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Thursday 7th January 2021

Hello Year 1, I hope you are all well and staying safe. Remember it is very important that you complete your home learning. I know that some parents maybe working or are at home working, please try to complete the tasks to the best of your ability. You may want to do the activities in the morning or the afternoon. We understand how difficult these times are and we appreciate your time and hard work. 

Thank you, 

Miss Armstrong & Mrs Glynn smiley

Rememeber to email your work to: 


Below are your lessons for today, please try your very best to complete these. 

Let's wake up our brain and bodies!

Banana Banana Meatball



LO: To use capital letters and full stops to write a sentence about a Polar Bear. 


Please complete the worksheets below, I would like to find out how much you know about Polar Bears.  There are three sheets to complete, please only write the sentence in your books. If you wish you can print these off. 


Watch the video below and answer the question. 


Which is your favourite Arctic animal?

10 Arctic Animals



LO: To be able to add ones using number bonds. 


Please watch the Learn Screen below. 

Then, I would like you to answer the questions from the worksheets. Please ONLY write the answers to the worksheets, you DO NOT need to copy out the questions. If you wish to print them, that is also fine.

A quick warm up, click on the video to listen to one of our favourite Maths songs.

I Know My Number Bonds 10 | Number Bonds to 10 | Addition Song for Kids | Jack Hartmann

Learning Screen - Add ones using number bonds


Hello Year 1, it's Mrs Clough here!

Miss Armstrong tells me that you are all working very hard. What fantastic news!

I know that you have not all collected your packs yet from school. Please try to do this before Friday so we can get on with our next Geography topic. You have been working so hard this year that I wouldn't like it to stop.

This half term we are going to be thinking about where we live in the world. We will again be looking at the names of the 7 continents. I wonder if you can remember them now and tell your grown up what they are?


Today I would like you to draw me a few things please.


1- Please draw  a picture of your house and on the back please write your full address with postcode.


2- Next I would like you to pretend that you are hovering above your house like a bird. Please draw  a plan of what you see.


I have done this for my house for you to look at here. If you look carefully, you will see that you can only see the very top of things, not the sides.


Next week we will go back to looking at the world and over the next 5 weeks we will work our way back to your houses and by this time you will know exactly where they are within the world.

Please send your Geography work to


Thank you Year 1

From Mrs Clough

Keep up the hard work, you are making Miss Armstrong and Mrs Glynn very proud. heart 



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