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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Thursday 9th July

Happy Thursday Year 6!

How fast has this week gone? Group A are on their penultimate day actually IN primary school with a virtual week next week. Group B, we are looking forward to seeing you again next week. It was great to see many home learners blogging and emailing today. In Holes, KKB was bitten by a yellow spotted lizard and died laughing. And we found out Zero's real name. Did you make all the connections? Now, we are on to Part II - The Last Hole. Your primary school good-bye messages are making Mrs Baird and I all emotional - they are so lovely. Right, what are we learning today? Read on...


Below are your tasks for today. Remember if you need to ask any questions go to the class blog and add a comment to 9-7-20 TODAY'S WORK. Keep checking the comments on this BLOG because that is where we will post our replies to you.



Today we are going to continue in the reflective mood and try some mindfulness activities. Click on the link below and try some calming activities on the Go Noodle website as you reflect on your time at St John's.


L.O Using line graphs to solve problems.


Well done to the children who were drawing line graphs yesterday. It really isn’t easy working out the intervals for the axis. I was also impressed with how neat your work was. Keep up the good work today.

Last day online graphs. You don’t need to draw line graphs today you just need to solve problems.

If you need to refresh your memory watch the video again from Tuesday. Click on the PDF Worksheet to find your questions. Send your answer using the BLOG or EMAIL.



In addition to the line graphs we are going to do one last TTRS BATTLE. Boys v Girls. I want everyone to do this.


L.O To understand the importance of a Healthy Diet

Today we are going to look at what is in the food we eat. We need to know what is in our food and how eating lots of certain food can affect our health.

All packages must label how much salt, sugar and fat the food contains. This is very important so that we can make sure we don’t eat too much.

Read through the slides below and then complete the worksheet. Send your work using the BLOG or EMAIL.

9-7-20 L.O The importance of a balanced diet.

9-7-20 L.O The importance of eating a balanced diet.


LO: To make inferences

Your first task today is to click on the audio link below to listen to Chapters 29 and 30. This is the start of PART II - The Last Hole. Then, go to the English folder on today's Year 6 website page to find information and instructions for your next tasks.

Holes By Louis Sachar Ch. 29

Holes by Louis Sachar Ch. 29 Read aloud with slides to accompany the text. (Recorded with

Holes by Louis Sachar ch. 30 pt. 1

Holes by Louis Sachar CH. 30 pt. 1 Read aloud with slides to accompy the text. (Recorded with

Holes By Louis Sachar Ch. 30 pt 2

Holes by Louis Sachar Ch. 30 pt.2 Read aloud with slides to accompany the text. (Recorded with

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