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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Thursday 30th April

Thursday 30th April


Hello Year 1


I really loved reading your RE work about Holidays yesterday. You made such an effort. Well done all those who shared their thoughts. They are now on the website for you to see.


I made a silly mistake yesterdayfrown I'm so sorry I didn't include the title of the maths work for you to find. However, you found it anyway. I will try not to make that mistake again.


Once you have woken up with Joe today there is more maths to do.


Today's work is called FRACTIONS OF QUANTITIES. There I've done it!

Yesterday you were looking at shapes and halves and quarters. Today it's numbers. We have looked at this in class so try to remember. Thank you to all the grown ups who are writing out the worksheets by the way. That is an important job.


Then let's look at the targeted comprehension again. Pages 11 and 12 are all about reading for clues and matching the clues to the pictures. Page 11 asks you to find things in the picture and page 12 asks you to colour the picture. BE CAREFUL THOUGH! You have to colour it exactly the way the short story says. Don't be tricked!wink


After this I want you to listen to a story from the New Testament about Jesus. It tells of when He had risen from the dead and was talking to His friends in the upper room, telling them that He was leaving them again. I want you to listen to the story and see how you think His friends would feel. Draw me a picture with thought bubbles. Use some great words to show what the friends of Jesus were feeling.

I will attach the story for you on the Videos area on the website under class pages Year 1. I have missed sharing stories with you all so I am going to start doing it on here from today.



The promise of the Spirit


(based on John 13:33; 14:18,15,26; 16:5,7,13)


Jesus’ friends were delighted that God had given Jesus new life. But they remembered that he had said he was going back to his Father. The thought of that made them sad again and they worried about how they would manage without him. They remembered his promise to send a new helper. We can read Jesus’ message to them in John’s gospel. I shall be with you only a little longer. Don’t worry. I will not leave you all alone. I will ask my Father and my Father will give you another friend to be with you forever. This friend, the Helper, will help you to remember all the things I have done and everything I have told you.”
“I am going back to my Father who sent me. It is better for you if I go away. If I go I will be able to send someone else to help you the Holy Spirit of truth. The Holy Spirit will guide and lead you. The Holy Spirit will help you to understand all the things I have done and everything that I have said to you. The Holy Spirit will teach you everything that I have learned from my Father. The Holy Spirit will help you to know how you are to live, now and in the future.” 


Thank you all again for working so well at home.

I will respond after school today to your emails and blogs because I am going into school.


Thank you

Mrs Clough

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