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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another



Spring 1


Christian Weddings

The children have been learning about Christian weddings.  Miss Bryan organised a 'wedding ceremony' between our two school councillors, Kyle and Daisy.

The children learnt about where to sit in church and the different roles people play in the ceremony.  

We are sorry if the invitations didn't reach all the family members in time.



The congregation waiting patiently.
The brides side on the left, grooms on the right.
The best man with the rings.
The beautiful bridesmaid.
She is on her way...
The proud father of the bride.
The groom waiting excitedly.
Here comes the bride...
all dressed in white...
Welcoming everyone
saying some prayers
Listening to a reading
Listening carefully
The father of the bride hands his daughter over.
'God is Love'
What a great congregation
The photographer needed a tissue...
More vows and promises.
Listening carefully.
I promise to love you...
...cherish you...
honour and protect you...
forsaking all others...
and holding only to her...
forever more?
I do
I do
Exchanging of rings
We learnt which finger the ring goes on...
...and why!
With this ring...
In the name of the Father...
...and of the Son...
...and of the Holy Spirit
I now pronounce you Man and Wife.
A round of applause for the happy couple.
Music was played for them to exit.
Thank goodness its all over!
The happy couple!
Going back to sign the register
Learning why they have to sign the register.
The groom signs first
Look how happy he is!
What a good choice of pen!
The bride signs next.
Now there marriage is legal!
(Not really, don't worry!)
What a great couple.
The congregation look on.
Its party time!
Wait for me!


Using digital imagery, the children have designed a Nativity picture to create a pattern.


The children are learning about God and how we are not able to understand everything about Him.  The things we can not understand are called Mysteries.  There are lots of Mysteries that God wants us to think about, even though we cannot understand them.


We began by looking at what Heaven will be like.  We went on our school blog to write about our ideas of what Heaven look like.



What happens in Heaven?

Will I sit on a cloud?

Is walking or talking

or jumping allowed?


Will I be on my own

or with some of my friends?

Doe sit go on forever

or eventually end?


What happens in Heaven?

Do I go through a gate?

What if I get myself lost

or turn up to late?


Is my name on a list?

Is the gatekeeper nice?

Can you sneak in for nothing

or is there a price.


(Taken from 'Dad You're Not Funny' by Steve Turner)

The children all drew their version of what they thought heaven looked like.

Making stars for our display about Abraham.

The finished display...well it will be when Mrs Carlile has made Abraham!

The children have written a recount of the Old Testament story about Abraham.  They wrote about how Abraham trusted God and how in return, Abraham gained God's trust.  


"Look at the stars above your tent at night.  One day your family will be as many as that - too many to count.  And still Abraham trusted God."

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