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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Fun Fridays!

FUN FRIDAY - 26th September

On Friday, Year Five had a great time in the hall, learning about some of the  games, children used to play in the Victorian period. Although at times, life was a struggle for many poor children in the Victorian period, it certainly didn't stop them enjoying themselves.

We played; 'Potatoes in the Sack', 'Cross Sticks' and 'Throw ya Cap'. Take a look at these photos to see how much fun we had!

'Throw Ya Cap!'
Cross Sticks
Potatoes in the Sack

FUN FRIDAY - 3rd October 

This week Year Five's Fun Friday activity was a Lego Challenge! The children were given a mixture of Lego pieces and when the timer started, they had a set time to make different objects. To make things even more fun,they also had to build some of the items wearing a blindfold. I have to say I was very impressed with the results.Take a look at the photos or even better why not have a go!


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