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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Thursday 26th March

Hello my lovely bunch! Happy Thursday. Your work for the day is below. Don't forget to start your day off with Joe Wicks' PE lesson. I did it yesterday and I was exhausted! Thank you for your emails and blog posts and keep them coming as they really do brighten up my day.



LO - To solve a range of multiplication questions


Your questions for today are on the PowerPoint below. Complete these in your book HOWEVER I would like you to share your explanations for numbers 7 and 8 on my blog post. 



LO - To read and understand a text.


Please find your CGP reading comprehension book. I would like you to complete the first activity on p2 'The Word Party.' Read the poem carefully and answer the questions. 


If you finish and would like to continue, why don't you write your own version of The Word Party? Email it to me or comment on my post on the blog to show me.



LO - To design a biscuit for a particular purpose

Before school closed, we were preparing to design and make our own biscuits. We were going to design and make a biscuit suitable to sell at a New York bakery. This was going to be in the shape of something to do with New York (for example The Statue of Liberty or a NYC taxi). So today, I would like you to design a biscuit for a particular purpose. You can design any biscuit it doesn't have to be related to New York. I would love to see them. Perhaps at some point, if you're kind enough to your parents, you could have a go at making the biscuit. However don't pester them!


In your books, copy the subheadings below and write your information underneath. Also draw an annotated picture.






Design Specification



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