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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Monday 19th October

Good morning Year 6!

I hope you were all able to enjoy your weekend and keep safe. You were AMAZING last week with your home learning so keep that up for three more days this week. This work is NOT optional. It MUST be completed at home as you are all isolating.

You will be on half-term holiday from Thursday! Yipee!! So get ready to concentrate and work hard for today's 3 lessons. All work today needs to be sent to Mrs Jones if you are emailing. Give it your best shot. You are in for a fantastic day's learning. Here we go...


LO: To find the value of missing angles

Whilst you are at home we are going to use the OAK ACADEMY lessons for your maths. In class we have started looking at the protractor and types of angles. What you have been doing in class will help you with your next few lessons at home.


Your teacher is called Miss Parsons. Click on the link below and start the lesson. Firstly, watch the video, then do the work sheet in your maths homework book. Check your answers back on the video with Miss Parsons and then finish the lesson with the quiz. 

Go onto the BLOG and let me know how many you got on the quiz. 


LO: To use reading skills

Today we are returning to our fabulous class reader - Cogheart. We finished reading Chapter 12 in school where Lily was reunited with Malkin at Townsend's Horologists. She read the letter that her father John had written to her. Unfortunately, it had a section missing where a bullet had burned through the paper so we still don't really know what the secret was but it was connected to Professor Silverfish and a perpetual motion machine. Lily settled down for the evening at Robert's shop. Robert lent her his old clothes for the journey to London and Professor Silverfish's home, in the morning. Click on the link to listen to Mr Birch read this chapter. Then answer my questions from the powerpoint in your book or onto the blog then upload your work.

Cogheart - Chapter 13

Chapter 13


LO: To explore the advancements in warfare that occurred during World War One

This is a VERY interesting lesson about how technology had to improve quickly during wartime. There is lots of information to read then instructions on how to complete your task on the powerpoint below. Take your time reading the slides in order to understand this lesson. 

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