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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Thursday 4th February

Good morning Year 5! It was so lovely to see you all yesterday on our first meeting! I’m so excited to be doing that every day to catch up with you all and talk about your set activities.


Below are your lessons for today. I would also like you to log onto GETEPIC and start reading the book I have assigned to you called ‘The Ghost Witch.’ You don’t need to finish it today. If it doesn't pop up when you log in, you can find the books I have assigned by clicking on your mail box at the top right. 


LO – To use inference skills

Look carefully at the picture below and read the short text. It's quite spooky, isn't it? I know I wouldn't like to be there!

Part 1 - I would like you to answer the questions below in your book or type them straight into the blog. Please write in full sentences. Some of the answers can be found in the text however some involve you using your inference skills and deeper thinking. 


  1. Who might the character in the picture be?
  2. Do the trees remind you of anything?
  3. Why do you think there are fences either side of the road?
  4. Where might the road lead to?
  5. What time of day do you think it is?
  6. What sounds might you be able to hear if you were there?
  7. Find and copy 1 simile, 1 metaphor and example of personification from the text.
  8. Find 2 examples of alliteration from the text.
  9. Explain the meaning of ‘cloying’
  10. Describe how the author builds up suspense and encourages you to read on.


Part 2 – Look at the language in the short text. There are some brilliant ‘show don’t tell’ techniques like we used yesterday. For example, instead of telling the reader the girl was scared, the author showed us she was scared by saying ‘goose bumps prickled on her cold, clammy skin’ and ‘her heart was thumping inside her chest.’ The text is short (4 small paragraphs) yet very effective. Look at the structure. It begins with short sentences to build up suspense and uses excellent language to describe the weather and surroundings.


I want you to have a go at re-writing the description using effective vocabulary. You don’t have to continue the story, you need to describe the setting. Here’s my example below. As always, you can use words and sentences but don’t copy it!


One minute it was there. The next…gone. There. Gone. There. Gone. Every voice in her head was saying run. Turn back whilst you can. Yet there was one voice – one that was different to the rest – that told her to go. A tight knot in the pit of her stomach warned her that she could be walking in to trouble. But what if she wasn’t?


The fog seemed to be alive and as it snaked through the forest, it made (one by one) eerie shapes and shadows. Cloaked in mist and mystery, the trees looked like ghostly stooped figures and the branches twisted and grated against each other like rusty hinges. Their branches were reaching up to the dark, troubled sky. Were they trying to escape? Pressing in on her from all sides, it seemed that the forest was trying to trap her in its thorny grasp.


There it was! Again! The ghostly shadow vanished once again in to the mist…


Her body displayed all the classic symptoms of impending menace. Chill down her spine? Check. Hairs standing up on her arms? Yep. Prickle at the base of the neck? Present. Tingle in the scalp? Right there. All her instincts screamed at her to slip away before it was too late. However, she didn’t, and she made her way to where the shadow had been…

LO – To read and interpret two-way tables

Today we will move on to looking at two-way tables. Watch the video below and pause and answer any questions when asked. Then complete the worksheet and mark your work.

Two-way tables

Have a go at the optional activity if you finish your work quickly. The last question got me thinking!

LO – To look at different Christian communities.

Watch the video which will guide you through your lesson and explain your task. Listen out for the additional task if you want to give it a go!


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