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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Betty’s first Adventure

Where is Betty?

Still image for this video
Betty has spent the day doing some work experience.  She has been working in an office at a Solicitors and has had a fantastic day being really helpful and useful.  We think that Topsy's mischievous side has rubbed off on Betty because Betty found the photocopier and decided to pose for a few selfies!

Betty arrives at the office for her work experience. She was a little bit nervous.

Betty discovered the photocopier and knew exactly what to do because Topsy had taught her to do this!

Betty soon got to work on the computer....typing memos. Can you see what she has typed?

Typing a message for the children.

Betty soon felt a bit hungry and found some food in the fridge.

Then she needed a drink. Betty, you are supposed to use a cup!

Being helpful and answering the phones.

Making new friends.

More snacks!

Betty went to the Bank to do the banking. How helpful!

Who threw that at Mrs Kelly? I hope it wasn't Betty...but they look suspiciously like Betty’s disco trousers!

Selfie time with Mrs Kelly. A big thank you to Mrs Kelly for taking Betty to work with her and for cheering her up. We hope Betty wasn’t too mischievous and is allowed back to visit you soon.

Betty changed into her disco outfit and made it on time to the train. She loved the journey to Manchester.

Betty had her tea out at Ginos in Manchester.

Betty has been lucky enough to go and watch the darts at the Manchester Arena. She was a bit worried she wasn’t going to be let in and had to leave her rucksack at home but she managed to charm the doormen and get in.

Betty made lots of new friends at the darts and even met a policeman! What a super end to a fantastic day.

What a fantastic day! This is a day Betty will never forget.

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