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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Wednesday 15th July

Happy LAST Wednesday you have made it to the half way point of the LAST week! You are working so hard well done! Keep reading, blogging , emailing, TTRS and keep active! 

Keep going with the PE and workouts! 

Last push you can do this Year 4!

Here are today's tasks:


PE: Get moving today I bet you can't do it all! Fun HIIT Circuit for Kids - No Equipment Home Workout


Task 1: English

LO: To write a letter

As we are coming to an end of Year 4! You will be soon in Year 5 with your new teacher Miss Hartley!

For today's task I want you to plan and write a letter to Miss Hartley all about you and your feelings about next year.

Open the word document I have uploaded below to help you. Either print out the work sheets or copy them into your exercise books. First plan using the boxes getting as much detail as possible in. Then using your information write a detailed letter, make sure you: 

  • Write in a range of full sentence lengths, using correct grammar and punctuation. Check your work!
  • Use interesting vocabulary to impress. You can use a dictionary!
  • Best handwriting and presentation!
  • DO NOT RUSH! Enjoy writing your letter. 


Task 2: Maths

LO: To understand triangles

To access today’s Maths click on the links below:

One is the video lesson

One is the work sheets to complete

One is the answers
Watch the video lesson below, then click on the activity PDF. You can either print of the work sheet and complete the work, or copy the answers into your exercise book. After you can check your answers with an adult clicking on the answers sheet! BUT NO CHEATING! Enjoy!

Year 4 - Week 14 - Lesson 3 - Triangles


Task 3: Music

LO: End of term Quizzes!

Hope you have enjoyed your music trip around the world. We will finish the year with three quizzes about music. Today’s Music lesson is a fun quiz you can do with someone in your family or on your own. Play the videos below to hear the music and guess the song and artist. You can do all 3 quizzes or just choose one. Have fun! Follow the videos below and write your answers and mark into your exercise books. Enjoy!


Guess the Disney Song

Guess the popular songs and answers

Still image for this video
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