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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Friday 26th February

Keep up the good work and ty your best today!

Don't forget to meet me on Microsoft Teams at 9:35 every morning, to go through your tasks. It should be easy to join through the calendar by clicking on the meeting on that day, and you will be waiting in a lobby until I open the meeting. Please make sure you log on and join the meeting because I will be doing a register!

Remember to keep blogging or emailing me every day! 

Keep reading using the GETEPIC website or app and logging into TTRS daily also, we are so close to our next badge on Get Epic!

Have fun and keep active! Here are you task for today:


PE Today, follow and have fun: Kids' Adventure Workout | The Ice Mountain

Homeschool PE. A fun 11-minute HIIT exercise class for children at home. Join Jason on a quest to find the magical unicorn sword hidden on Ice Mountain!


Task 1: English

LO: To plan, write and edit and mini saga

Today's English lesson you will be carrying on with writing and submitting your mini saga. I have uploaded again all PowerPoints, documents and links below that you might need. Review and edit your work from yesterday and write your final draft on the word document below ready to either submit yourself or send in to me. Go back to yesterday’s lesson if you want to recap what we did.

When you have finished I would like you to log onto GETEPIC and read the assigned books I have set. I want at least 20mins of reading done today. I will be checking! If you have books at home and want to read them please blog me what you are reading so I can log this. 

This is the word document you can use to type your 100 word sage onto and send in.

Lesson PowerPoint and examples.


Task 1: Maths

LO: Mental Maths and Reasoning Questions

It’s test time! Press play on the voice recording below, I will explain and read each question on the document uploaded underneath. Pause at any time to work out an answer and write down any working into your exercise books. The answers are at the end of the test document so you can mark your own work, no cheating! Blog me your results! Have fun!

Make sure to right click and open the PDF test in a new tab so that you can still hear my voice.

When you have completed the test, log onto TT RockStars and practice your times tables.

Maths Questions Explained by Mr Steele


Task 3: Science

LO: To explore and investigate scientific experiments

There are twelve colourful postcard PDFs below for you to explore. These are for you to read and investigate. You can create these experiments at home if you want, to see if they will actually work, they link to the topics of electricity, sound, forces, and changes of state. These mini-investigations are fun to do and will get you thinking about the ideas involved.

These are picture cards being explain by two cartoon characters, Marvin and Milo, they will demonstrate the fun experiments. If you recreate these experiments take photos and write about what you did and send them to me! Enjoy!

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