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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Wednesday 14th October

Good morning Year 6!

I hope you all slept well last night and are up bright and early ready for Day 1 of your Year 6 home learning. You have all been working so hard in school and making super improvements to your work. Keep that fantastic effort going at home. Take time to think about your work and complete it to a high standard. We can't wait to see your blogs and emails today. Enjoy your learning!


We are going to continue with our fabulous poetry unit - The Dreadful Menace. Re-watch the clip then read the instructions on the powerpoint. Today, you are to write a description of winter using the ideas we had in class yesterday.

Winter Olympics 2014: Trailer - BBC Sport

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L.O Looking at multiplication strategies and the effect on the product. 

Whilst you are at home we are going to use the OAK ACADEMY lessons for your maths. In class we have being looking at written methods of multiplication and division. What you have been doing in class will help you with your next few lessons at home.


Your teacher is called Mrs Behan. Click on the link below and start the lesson. Firstly, watch the video, then do the work sheet in your maths homework book and finish the lesson with the quiz. 

Go onto the BLOG and let me know how many you got on the quiz. 


L.O Commitment in life.

In your last lesson you wrote a job advert for your dream job. You listed all the fabulous perks that you would receive and gave yourself an amazing salary. I do hope it comes true.

Today we are going to look at 10 jobs that need a lot of commitment.

For each job in the list I want you to answer three questions:


What do they do?
Are there any risks involved in the job?
Why do you think they chose the job?

You do not need to set in out in a chart like I have done, just write the job title in your book and answer the questions underneath.  I have done the first one for you, so you know what to do.

When you have completed the work either email a picture or post a picture on the BLOG. Don't forget to use your best handwriting and write a date and learning objective. 

RE L.O Commitment in life.

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