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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Friday June 5th

Oh My goodness it's Friday again!


Hello year 1. I cannot believe how fast this first week back has gone.

It is also a very special day for our lovely friend Emilia as it's her Birthday!!

Happy birthday Emilia.

I know that all your friends are thinking of you as they read this and smilinglaughWe all hope you have a super duper dayheart


Here are some new photo's of the chicks in their new home. They seemed so settled last night that we let them out with the others. They are only inside here. When they dare to go out I will take more photo's and post them for you to see.




Anyway today please follow Joe or Kidz Bop or Maximo and have some exercise in order to keep yourself going. I have been walking recently while George rides his bike and that's kept me moving.

Today I would like you to access Education City. You are going to be listening to and reading a story and making predictions about what may happen next. It is called Stories and predictions Friday 5th June.

Maths today is more questions like yesterday. These are slightly more difficult ones but you can still do them. Remember like yesterday, use your resources and check your answers please. Change them if they don't make sense.












Now then, as it is Friday I think we'll have another look at our Steppin' Out booklet. We looked at signs last time. This time I want you to spot the dangers on pages 18 and 19. Then there's a wordsearch on page 20. Finally, please design the bright top for the bike rider on page 21 and answer the question at the bottom.


Please take a look at the newsletter today to see what is happening and who this weeks' blogger and home learner is. Check out the photo's too.


Have a lovely weekend everyone. I will see you all next week.

Love Mrs Cloughheartwink

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