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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another



Stanley is the newest member of Year 2.  He is approximately 3 months old and currently measures 1.7cm in length.  When he arrived in Year 2, he only measured 1.1cm.  He definitely is not a giant...yet!  We have been learning all about Stanley's habitat and how to look after him.  We know he needs a warm, damp climate to live in.  Have a look at the photos of Stanley.  Mrs Carlile thinks he is a very handsome chap!

I enjoyed meeting Stanley.   He loves to eat lettuce and cucumber and likes apples and carrots.  Mrs McKeating thinks he is a killer snail!  I think he is very friendly.  By Ruby.
Don't be afraid of Stanley!  He is not a killer snail.  By Melissa.
The snail, Stanley is from Africa and he likes fruit.  By Frankie.
I enjoyed meeting Stanley the snail.  When I met him, he was very tiny.  By Loui.
I enjoyed meeting the killer snail, Stanley!  By Edward.
I was excited when I met Stanley.  By Lydia.
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