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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Wednesday 10th February

Good morning Year 2, I hope you are all well and enjoying your week!


I am so impressed with all the work that you are sending in, you did a fantastic job finding all the vocabulary in yesterday's English lesson and showed a super understanding of pictograms in Maths! Today, in Maths, we have another lesson on pictograms using our times tables and counting skills. In English, I would like you to list lots of exciting vocabulary to describe the Great Fire of London and finally in Music, you are going to pretend that you are the DJ hosting a Year 2 party! laugh Thank you for working so hard, I miss you all lots! Keep smiling and have a lovely day heart


Please find time to log onto every day and read a book! I am monitoring your reading online and loving the variety of books you are choosing to read! I will be giving out reading awards for the children who are reading regularly!


Below are your lessons for today. Remember to email your work to or put it on our school blog.


L.O. Interpret pictograms (2, 5 and 10)

Today you will be answering questions about pictograms using your 2, 5 and 10 times table knowledge! Make sure you read the keys for each pictogram so that you know the value of each picture and count carefully! laugh Please watch the learn screen below. 

Then, I would like you to answer the questions from the worksheets in your red book. If you wish to print them, that is also fine.


L.O. To collect and record vocabulary for a poem.

Yesterday you did a super job identifying vocabulary in the volcano poem! Today, I would like you to collect and record vocabulary to describe the Great Fire of London! We will be writing a poem to describe the Great Fire tomorrow, so we need to write down lots of exciting vocabulary choices today that will help us! 


Please look at the paintings of the Great Fire below. See what words you can come up with to describe the fire!


Then in your writing book, please put the date and L.O. Now I would like you to list your own describing words for the Great Fire, under the following subheadings. Be creative! I will write some examples to help you get started smiley


Adjectives (describing words)

mighty, colossal, fierce, enormous, monstrous...


Verbs (doing/action words)

run, screech, burn, scream, spread...


Alliteration (words that start with the same letter put together)

flickering flames, fierce fire, smoky skies, whirling wind...


Onomatopoeia (sound words)

crackle, smash, hiss, roar, bang...


CHALLENGE- have a go if you feel confident at using these words

Adverbs (describe how an action is done)

angrily, quickly, hastily...


Music with Mrs Jones

Please read the slides below which include your task for this week! See under the slides for a song choice Miss Dewhurst would pick cheeky

Have a great day!

Love, Miss Dewhurst x

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