The school is currently open for vulnerable children and children of key workers. Our School Nursery is fully open and school will be open for all pupils from Monday 8th March.
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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Thursday 11th February

Task 1

Maths - Subtraction

Watch the video - counting 1 -30 and 30 - 1.

Watch the video - Numberblocks learn to subtract.

Watch the video - Subtraction - You may want to pause the video.

Counting 1 - 30 and 30 - 1

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Numberblocks - Learn to subtract

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Task 2

Phonics - Revise oo (short)

Watch the video - CVC words with o.

Play noughts and crosses with th, ai, ee and oo.

Play Phonics Bingo with oo (short) words.

Choose 9 words:

look, cook, book, hook,

foot, wood, good, hood,

stood, shook & woof

CVC words - o

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Task 3

PSED, C & L and EAD - To make a Valentine's card/mobile.

You can be as creative as you like. You might want to use your circle or heart work to make a card/mobile. 

Here are some examples of what you could do:

Who will get your Valentine's card/mobile?

Don't forget to send your photos.

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