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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Thursday 25th June

Good Morning Year 1

I hope you enjoyed yesterday's beautiful weathersmiley


Please find here some PE from Mr Steele. It is in preparation for next week and the virtual Lancashire school games celebration. It is the dance and it will take place on 30th June. It's here so you can practise beforehand.  Lancashire are hoping to get as many children as possible taking part in the LSG 2020 celebration day. The danceathon is scheduled for 10.15 on the 30th June.



Next today some addition. We need to keep up our number awareness and use so on Education City today there are addition problems. It is called ADDITION THURSDAY 25TH JUNE. Please don't forget to use your resources to help you count carefully.


Now, for English today we are going to plan a story. You have been looking at a variety of familiar stories this week and you know lots of stories already. Perhaps you want to re listen to one of my stories from another day? You need to decide what story you are going to read and plan how you will write it. I have a suggestion of how you could do this here:




Writing my story

My Characters…





The beginning…­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­________________________



The middle…__________________________



The end…____________________________




There may not be as many characters as I have suggested. I would like you to set out a page like I have done in one of your books and think carefully about the story you will be writing tomorrow. Write your plan carefully. Remember, you are not writing the whole story, just a plan.

Thank you. I look forward to seeing which story you have chosen.


Finally it is RE. I want you to read what Isaiah had to say. It is very good advice to follow. There are some questions to answer after the advice. You do not need to write out the questions, just the answers please. Write beautifully and in full sentences with capital letters and full stops please!




Think about Isaiah’s advice

Please answer in sentences

  • What is God’s promise?


  • How do you think people feel when they hear Isaiah’s words?



  • What kind things does Isaiah suggest that we do?


  • Can you think of any other kind things to do?



  • What would the world be like if everyone followed Isaiah’s advice?



Thank you to all those who continue to send me their work. It really is important that you continue to practise all your skills.




Please listen to today's storylaugh


Enjoy the day

Love Mrs Cloughheart



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