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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Monday 30th March

Monday 30th March

Good morning Year 6 and welcome to Week 2 of on-line learning!

We hope you and your families managed to enjoy a relaxing weekend and that you are ready for learning again this week. Your responses last week were fantastic so make sure you keep up the good work.


Below are your 3 tasks for today. Remember if you need to ask any questions go to the class blog and add a comment to 30-3-20 TODAY'S WORK. Keep checking the comments on this BLOG because that is where we will post our replies to you.




Yea! Joe Wicks is back on-line for our Monday morning PE lesson! He has very generously decided to donate all the money he has earned from this activity to the amazing NHS! So keep on supporting him and you will be supporting the NHS too.





Every Monday we will be doing the same thing. You will have a choice of activity.


Do a test out of BOOK 1 Maths SAT BUSTER 10-Minute Tests. Set A Test 3. Ask someone to mark it for you, the answers are in the back of the book. Please send me a BLOG telling me how many you got right out of 10. 


If you are finding the 10min tests too easy then you could do this activity instead. Go to 

CLICK ON: WEEK 2 Lesson 1 - Step 6 - Calculating scale factors

Every lesson comes with a short video showing you clearly and simply how to complete the activity successfully. Write your answers in your maths book. It also has the answers so you can mark your work and BLOG me your score.


I’ve set up a battle on Times Table Rock Stars. Boys against Girls. It will only last for 1 day and opens at 9.00 am, so make sure you don’t miss it.  I’ll post the winner tomorrow. LAST WEEK THE GIRLS WON. Come on Boys!



LO: To use a dictionary

Write these words and their definitions in your red ruled exercise book or on the blog. Use a dictionary to help you.

invest, cargo, solitary, furrow, atoll, geyser, spores, sparse, flukes, galleon,

LO: To summarise a text

Read the intriguing and exciting Chapter 2 - Sinbad the Sailor - from the English folder of Year 6 web page (underneath the date folders). Summarise this chapter using approximately 50 words on the blog or in your red ruled exercise book.



Recall clip (the link is below this sentence) and read your notes from last Monday’s lesson, which introduced our new history topic: Baghdad AD 900.


LO: To compare ancient civilisations

Click the History folder (underneath the date folders on the year 6 website page) and read the information about AD 900 Baghdad. There it will tell you to write today’s date and LO. It will show you a table that you will need to copy into you red ruled exercise book and then you need to sort some statements about ancient Baghdad and ancient Europe into the correct column. The results should show you clearly which civilisation was the most advanced at that time. I will publish the answers in the history folder tomorrow for you to mark your work.


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