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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Tuesday 9th June

Good morning Year 2, I hope you are all ok!

Here are your learning tasks that I would like you to complete today.

Remember, you can email any work/ pictures you have completed to 


I am consistently monitoring your activity on online resources. Please make sure you’re accessing your daily tasks and making time to exercise!



Tuesday 9th June       09/06/2020


Maths- 5 minute intervals


Please complete the worksheet below. Write the time of each clock into your red maths book.

Go across with the clocks

1.      2.      3.      4.

5.      6.      7.      8.

9.     10.     11.     12.

13.     14.     15.    16.






English- L.O. To identify the features of a persuasive text.

Please read the power point and example text below.

In your green writing book, please put the date and L.O. then see if you can find some examples from the hotel advertisement text above, presenting your work as a list.






Special offer (what is it?)-


Adjectives (describing words)-


Opinions (who has given feedback?)-


Present tense words-



RE- Sign of Peace

Some key questions to answer with an adult


  • What do you think Jesus’ rule means in our daily life?
  • How did Jesus show his love for all the people he met?
  • What would happen if we all kept that rule? What would the world be like?
  • Why do people give each other a sign of peace?



Using the first letter of the word PEACE make up a prayer or a poem, include reasons why peace is important for Christians. You could decorate around the edge afterwards, with symbols of peace.








Have a great day! Love, Miss Dewhurst x

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