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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Friday 2nd July 2021

Physical Development Task

It's Friday, Reception! smiley

I would like you to make an obstacle course, inside your house or outside in your garden. NOW remember you've got to stay safe, not make too much mess and tidy up afterwards. 

Your obstacle course must have:

1. Crawl under station.

2. 10 star jumps station.

3. Balance station - standing on 1 leg counting to 20 with a pair of socks/beanbag on your head or walking along a thin rope.

4. Jump station - jump over objects or use a skipping rope (outside) or 10 high jumps on the spot.

5. Throw 10 soft items into a target station.

Have a practise and then get your adult to time you. How long did it take you? Can you do it quicker? 

Phonics Task

1. Click on the videos - Practise reading the Phase 2 & Phase 3 High Frequency words.

2. HELP needed, Reception!

I've made some sentences about the Rainbow Fish but I've got them all mixed. Please can you help? Now remember capital letters ABC, finger spaces  and full stops.          You might want to write the words out on separate pieces of paper and then move the words about until you can read the sentence correctly.

Phase 2 High Frequency Words

Still image for this video

Phase 3 High Frequency Words

Still image for this video

Maths Task

1. Click on the video - Making 10 with Mr Chris

2. You will need 10 objects to help you complete the sums.

Challenge: Can you make some sums to make 20?

Making 10 with Mr Chris

Still image for this video

Well Reception, we have made it! Not long now before we can be back together. Remember Reception, we have to stay in our houses or our gardens. We have to follow Government guidelines and stay safe. I will see you back on here on Monday 5th July. Then back in school on Tuesday 6th July. Miss you loads and thank you for your hard work this week.

Take care

Mrs Collins, Mrs Taylor, Mrs Coan & Miss Begum.


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