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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Friday 12th February 2021

Happy Friday Everyoneheart,

Well we have finally come to the end of our first half term in 2021. What a first term this has been. I would just like to say a huge well done to everyone in Year One. You have all worked super hard in all of your online lessons. You have made Miss Armstrong a very proud teacher. laugh


I would like to thank Mums and Dads, Grandparents and anyone else who has helped with home learning this term.

It is very much appreciated so thank you for your support. I know that many of you have been working from home and attending work. So here is a huge Thank you and Well done to you too! yes

As today is Friday I have tried to make the day as funs as possible. Today is Chinese New Year so you may find some activities linking to this.


Please find your lessons for today below!


Have a lovely rest next week, stay safe and enjoy the rest! If any of you venture outside, go on beautiful walks please send Miss Armstrong lots of photos.

Well Done again.


Miss Armstrong heart

Get ready to wake up and get moving!

Today you have two songs.laugh

Achy Breaky Heart - NTV | GoNoodle

Be My Valentine | Jack Hartmann


Happy Chinese New Year Everyone!

Here is a little song to tell you all about the celebration. 

Chinese New Year 2021 Song for Kids


Today is Chinese New Year I have set two Phonics tasked for you to complete. The first task is the worksheet say it, join it write it. Have a look at the Chinese images then say the word, join it and write it.


Once you have completed this task your second task is to create a Chinese Dragon tricky word chain. Look at the image below for the dragon example. You can use several strips of paper, take a look at the list of words I would like you to use at least 6 words or more if you wish.


Today is the day where we will put all of the information together from our Polar Region Project you will need your sheets of paper from:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Now it is time for you to become super creative. You can cut around the information you have written this week, print off some hotos of the Artic & Antarctica if you wish. Draw lots of wonderful pictures. You may also wish to use bubble writing to write the names of the two places.


I am allowing you to be as creative as you can be! This is to show Miss Armstrong all the information you have learnt about the Polar Regions this half term. Remember I will be sending a certificate home for the best creative project and the best handwriting and information.

Good Luck, enjoy have some fun and let’s find out what you have learnt this half term.smiley


Please access Education City for your math’s task for today. There are 10 questions that need answering, the questions set you should be able to answer independently. Please try your best to do this on your own.

Once you have completed the Education City I have attached a Chinese Theme math’s game. Please click on the link below.


As it is nearly Valentine’s day on Sunday I have set a few heart themed crafts for you to complete. Please pick TWO of the tasks to complete today.

Option one: I would like you to draw around your hand and part of your arm. This will create a hand shaped tree, then you can use felt tips, crayons, paper, paint (ask permission first) to draw hearts around the tree. Just like in the image below.

Option Two: To create your own jumping heart, you will need to draw a large love heart, this can be on coloured paper or you can colour it in afterwards. A piece of white paper cut into 4 small strips and 4 little hearts for the hands and feet. With the White paper you will need to create a zig zag fan motion. (you may need to ask a grown up for help here.)

When you stick all of your pieces together your ‘Jumping Heart’ should look like the image below.

Option Three: ‘I Love you to pieces’ Creating a Valentines card for somebody special. You will need a piece of paper folded in half. On one side draw a large heart and write the words I LOVE YOU TO PIECES. Then with different coloured paper or you can draw and colour heart and cut these out. Stick them inside the heart, you will need lots of pieces for this.

Option Four: Pop out Handprints. To create this, you will need to draw around both of your hands. Just like we did with our huggable hands. This time in the middle you will need a piece of paper which you will have folded back and forth like a fan to stick in the middle. On one of the hands write ‘I Love you…, and in the middle on the zig zag fan paper write this much. Your creation should look something like the image below.

Have a lovely Friday Year One, Well done again for a super half term. Have a lovely week off stay safe and I will see you all soon! Miss Armstrong heart

Please remember to email your work to

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