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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Wednesday 20th January

Task 1

Maths - making 11

Click on the link - Counting on in 1's

Draw a part part whole model.

Put 11 in the top - Whole number.

Get 11 objects or 11 counters and put them in the two circles underneath - part part. 

On your whiteboard can you write the 2 numbers (part part) that make 11. 

Don't forget to send a photo of your work.

Task 2

Phonics - j, v and w

Click on the link - Act out the Alphabet.

Play Matching Pairs with j, v and w words below. You will have to write your words out twice. 

jet, jug, jelly, van, vet, volcano, web, wig and watch.

Don't forget to take turns. After you've played a few games, choose a word and write a sentence about that word.

Don't forget to use a capital letter (ABC) at the beginning of your sentence, finger spaces after each word and a full stop at the end of the sentence. 


Task 3

RE - Celebrating

Watch the Celebrations Power point. Can you tell your adult any celebrations and what you might do at the celebrations?

In your exercise book can you draw spider diagram of your celebrations.

Under your spider diagram, make a list of what you might have at the celebrations. You can draw pictures as well. 


RE - Celebrations

Still image for this video
Space Week on Cbeebies with Maddie Moate. 4.50pm - International Space Station.
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