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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


W.c. 08.02.2021


Monday 8th February 

Task 1

Maths - Learning 14.

Watch the video - Subitising to 10.

Watch Numberblocks - Meet 14.

Get your blocks out and make a tower of 10. Remember you can use other objects if you don't have blocks.


Get 4 more blocks and put them beside your tower of 10. How many have you got? Remember you don't need to count the tower of 10. Now make towers of 10, 11, 12 & 13.

Add your tower of 14. Make sure you put them in the correct order. 10, 11, 12, 13 & 14.


Subitising to 10.

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Numberblocks - meet 14

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Task 2

Phonics - Revise the ai sound.

Watch the video - CVC words with a.

Read the Phase 2 sentences. - Your adult may want to pause the video.

Play Phonics Bingo using ai sounds - choose 9 words:

rain, pain, train, snail,

drain, aim, mail, tail,

main, hail, nail & paid.

Choose 1 ai word. Say, write a sentence on your whiteboard and read it.

CVC words - a

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Reading sentences

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Task 3

Literacy & C & L - What Colour is Love?

Watch the video - What Colour is Love?

C & L - Talking Time:

What colour do you think Love is?


What is Love?

EAD - Drawing a Love Heart.

Watch the video - How to draw a Love Heart.

Watch Mrs Collins drawing a Love Heart.

Draw a love heart in your exercise book and colour it the colour you think Love is. 


What colour is Love?

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How to draw a Love Heart

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Mrs Collins drawing a love heart

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Watch the video - Mrs Taylor and George have a Love Challenge.
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