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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Tuesday 31st March

Good Morning Year 3!

I hope you are raring to go for today's tasks! Great work yesterday with the pop up cards! I have put some of your pictures up on our Gallery, have a look at what others are up to! If you want your picture up, email it to me with your parent's permission for it to go on the website smiley

Don't forget to practise your spellings daily and read every day. 

Here are today's tasks...


Love Miss Townson heart


Watch the Video below of the famous author Michael Rosen reading his Chocolate Cake Story...
Write the date and LO on a double page spread...

Tuesday, 31st March, 2020
LO: To retell a story as a comic strip.

After watching, split the double page spread into 6 sections and do a comic strip retelling the story. Can you write a few sentences under each picture to describe what is happening? If you have colours, you can colour your pictures. 

You can send me pictures of your work to my email or on the blog.


Log onto Education  City and complete the Classwork named 'Tuesday 31st March - Maths'
This will recap subtraction using base 10 equipment on the screen.


Once you have gone through this, complete the sums below on the worksheet into your workbooks. 

Maths Worksheet


Today I'd like you to watch a video about saying what fruit you like. As you watch the video, write down the names in French of the 8 fruits you see. The video is below this text. 

I'd then like you to write 8 sentences saying which of the fruits you like or dislike, for example:

j'aime les....... = I like .........

je n'aime pas les........ = I don't like ........


The word that is missing in the sentences is the name of a fruit you learned in the video!


Please complete the work in your work books, and if you can, add a picture to today's blog so I can see all your hard work!

Mrs Miskell x

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