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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Thursday 11th February 2021

Hello everyone,

It’s Thursday one more get up to go you can do this! Well done for working so hard this week I have been very impressed with everyone’s home learning. This is fantastic you should all be very proud of yourselves! yes

I will see you shortly on this morning sessions, please find attached your lessons for today.

Miss Armstrong smiley

Get Ready, Get Steady … Wake up and Dance!

Just Dance Kids 2014 Get Ready to Wiggle


For your lesson today, I have attached a Roll, Read and Write it activity. This is to focus on the sounds and identifying these within a word. Attached with the worksheet is a dice with the different sounds on. You can if you wish print this off or instead I have attached a spinning wheel which will also do the same. You will need to type in the sounds. (please see the second link for this option.)

These are your instructions

Roll the dice.

When it lands on a sound, find that column on the game board.

Spell the first picture from that column on your spelling grid.

Continue rolling and spelling each picture.


Today is the last day to write all your information for your Polar Region Project. Today we will be looking at all of the things you could do when you visit the Arctic and Antarctica. Below is a slide to show your task for today.

What can you seen and do in the Arctic and Antarctica .mp4

Still image for this video


During our little morning session I have created a little task that will help with today’s lesson.


We will be focusing on ordinal numbers, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th all the way to 10th today. As well I have a little task which links in with you morning session where we will look at position using the language: around, near, close and far.


During our morning session we will look at forward, backwards, left, right, above, under, in and on.

Please access the video below for more information for your Math’s lesson.

You will need your 2nd worksheet whilst you are watching the video.

Ordinal Numbers | Jack Hartmann

Position instructions.mp4

Still image for this video

Hello for the last time this Half Term Year 1!


We are right back where we started in our Geography... Our house!


If we had been in school, we would have gone for local walks to have a good look first hand at the area we live in but I'm sure you have all been out walking with your families anyway


To complete today's work you will need worksheet 5A. 


You may not need to look at the Power Point today, but it will give you some ideas for when you next go for a walk and it may encourage you to have a chat with your parents about where you live.


Have you been using the 'READ ALOUD' option on the slides? try it today so you can use it next Half Term.


Think about where you live and I look forward to seeing your homes again with a road sign on.


Have a lovely Half Term holiday Year 1

Mrs Clough

POWERPOINT to accompany worksheet 5A

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