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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Thursday 4th March

Good morning Year 5! Only one more day of home learning after today! It’s also a very important day as…IT’S WORLD BOOK DAY! This is usually one of my favourite days in the school calendar. I know it will be a little bit different this year as we are not all dressed up in school but your third activity for today is all World Book Day related. We also enjoyed a World Book Day themed TEAMS meeting this morning.


Hope you enjoy your lessons today. Please remember to email or blog your work.

LO – To draw on reading and research.

Today’s lesson is an exciting one as it is all about Greek Gods! There are 2 tasks for you to complete. To begin with, read the short piece below on Greek Gods. Then answer the questions in your book. This shouldn’t take you too long and is nice and easy.

Now you are going to do some reading and research. Explore the Greek Gods using the website below (or any other website that you find.) Makes some short notes about each God.  Which is your favourite Greek God you have read about? Why?

Now read the extract below from the book ‘Greek Gods and Heroes.’ Imagine you are to write an entry about your favourite God to go into the book. Design a page which could be inserted into the book. Think about your layout so it is similar to the rest of the book. Features such as fact boxes, sub-titles and pictures may be used. You can do this by hand or on the computer.

LO – To use a range of mental skills

Today in Maths you will answer a range of questions that will involve your mental skills. Some of the questions are easy and some involve more thinking. You need to complete all the sections of the worksheet.


To begin with, I would like everybody to complete the Kahoot quiz on famous children’s books. Remember to put your first name so I know who is who!

Now you have a choice of what to do. I will be able to see which activity you choose when you send me your work. Here are your choices:


  1. Complete the worksheets on the document below. One is a crossword and one is a book scavenger hunt.
  2. Re-create a book cover of your choice. You could copy one or design your own. You will need to colour or paint your book cover to make it look attractive. Please don’t rush this if you choose this activity. I expect it to be neat and your best work.
  3. Create your own ‘Masked Reader’ quiz like we did on our TEAMS meeting this morning. Make sure to include 3 (or more) clues about the reader and then clues about the book they are reading. Don’t make them easy!
  4. Create a book character potato! I have put some pictures below for inspiration but there are hundreds to look at on google. I would love to see some pictures of your masterpieces!
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