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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Wednesday 10th June

Happy Wednesday you have made it to the half way point of the week! You are working so hard well done! Keep reading, blogging, emailing, TTRS and keep active! 

Remember to have a break in between each task, do something active if you can!

Still not enough children are blogging me or logging onto TT RockStars, it is really important that you do!

Here are today's tasks:


WORKOUT WEDNESDAY JOIN IN! Les Mills BORN TO MOVE | 8-12 year old class | Leisure World Colchester


Task 1: English

LO: To plan and write a description

First log onto Education City and click on class work and then English Task: Wednesday 10th June. There is a SPaG starter on nouns and apostrophes. The other tasks help you to plan and write a setting description, try your best with these activities as you will need to remember for tomorrow's English task. It looks like this: enjoy! 


Task 2: Maths

LO: To understand and use negative numbers

Watch the video below carefully and I will explain what to do in more detail. Pause the video at anytime when completing work into your exercise books. Listen and try your best, when drawing number lines, use a ruler and make sure your work is presentable and easy to read. Click and complete the PDF documents below into you exercise books. The challenge is an extension activity if you found the number lines sheet easy, enjoy! 

Maths lesson with Mr Steele: 10/06/20

Still image for this video


Task 3: Music

LO: African Music

This week on our world tour we are going to visit Africa. All the instructions for today's task are in the word document (Click on the link below).

There is a link to a video to watch which I will also upload below, and then a task to complete in your books.

Please remember to blog on today's music blog or email Mr Steele to share your fabulous work with us! Enjoy!

The First Music: A Folktale from Africa (Animated Stories for Kids)


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