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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Thursday 28th January 2021

Hello Year One!

I hope you are all staying safe and helping your parents out at home. I know you might find it difficult having to do your school work at home. Please know I am very proud of you all and very appreciated of your parents support. Keep up the good work everyone, you are all doing amazing! Please see below your lessons for today.

*Parents if your child’s exercise books are full and you need a new book please can you email so then we can provide you with a new one.

Thank you, have a lovely day.

Miss Armstrong laugh

Count to 100 and Workout


Crack the code- Today’s task is to use your phonics skills to crack the code. The link below has a variety of codes to crack please do not try to complete the full amount. You may wish to print these sheets off to have at home to reuse again.


(There is no pressure to do this as I know the cost of ink is quite expensive)


Crack the code works by looking at the first picture and identifying the initial sound. Once you have cracked the code write your list of codes down. This can be done in your GREEN books. For example: look at the code below.


LO: To be able to answer a question using the conjunction because.


First, I would like you to listen to the story ‘Lost and Found’, click on the link that will take you to school videos. I will only be reading to a certain point in the story today. So please do not find the book online or read ahead thank you. Once you listened to the story please complete the worksheet.


First, I would like you to listen to the song below.

I Can Count By 2's From Any Even Number

I would then like you to complete the activity sheet below focusing on Odd and Even Numbers. Try to use yesterday’s knowledge to complete the task, see if you can do this worksheet on your own.

Task One: The ladybirds have lost their spots and need your help. Can you identify which are odd spots and which are even?

Task Two: I have attached below an odd or even game for you to complete. Have a go and have some fun with numbers.

Task Three: Watch the Numberblocks episode on odd and even numbers.

Hello again Year 1


The work I received last week was super again! Please try to send me or Miss Armstrong your work each week so we can see what you are doing. Today we are going to look at each country in the United Kingdom and find out a little bit about them.


You will need worksheet 3A. Please complete your work on this sheet which is in your pack.


Please look at the power point and see if you can discover the Flower, Animal and Saint of each country.


Good Luck!

Mrs Clough

Countries of the United Kingdom Power point

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