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English Homework

There are TWO parts to your ENGLISH homework. They should both be completed by THURSDAY 1st April.


Learn your 10 spellings at home for a test next THURSDAY.

You have a GREEN English Homework Book to use if you wish to copy out your spellings to help you learn them. You could ask a family member to test you and use this book to write down the words. Keep this GREEN book at home. Do not bring it back to school. It is to help you learn at home.














This week we are looking at the punctuation mark called the hyphen. It looks like this -

Notice on the examples below, that there is no space on either side of the hyphen. There are 4 reasons why we use a hyphen:


To clarify a word meaning, for example, re-sent.

To create a compound adjective, for example, bear-like claws.

To avoid awkward letter combinations, for example, co-operate,

To write numbers from 21 to 99, for example, twenty-one.


Write the sentences below in your exercise book or type them on the blog INCLUDING a hyphen in the correct place.


1. Tim wore his lime green shirt for the photoshoot.

2. Despite being quite moth eaten, the vintage wedding dress was very beautiful.

3. Our lodger seemed a fly by night character and mum worried she would not pay her rent.

4. The chocolate ice cream is absolutely delicious.

5. The nasty looking villain spotted his next victim in the heaving crowd.

6. There are two hundred and fifty three pupils at our school.

7. Eric had to retreat his dog with flea powder.

8. Mr Dobbs and Mr Trotter are coowners of 'Dobbs and Trotter Cars Ltd'.

9. Children's clothes are usually tax free.

10. Toby had to deice his car this morning after the big frost last night.

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