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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Monday 8th June

Good morning Year 5 and welcome to week 9 of home learning. Week  9 - I can’t believe it! I hope you all had a lovely weekend and are ready for the week ahead. We had a great week last week and I received some excellent work. Please make sure you email your work or communicate with me on the blog so I know you are completing your tasks. Some of you are doing some fantastic things so please let me see them and hear about them! I am also monitoring your activity on Education City and TTRS.


Here are your lessons for today:

LO – To proof read a text to identify spelling and punctuation errors.

This week, we are having a Spelling, Grammar, Punctuation and Reading focus. Today, you are going to proof read a text and correct the errors. It’s your turn to be the teacher! This is such an important skill and something I think we all need a lot of practice with. Log on to Education City and find today’s classwork – 8/6/20 Proof reading for errors. You really need to concentrate today and make sure you are thinking carefully about the mistakes that have been made. There are many in each sentence! You need to think about:


  • Simple punctuation (full stops and capital letters)
  • Commas for clauses and lists
  • Punctuation to indicate parenthesis
  • Inverted commas and other punctuation to indicate direct speech
  • Apostrophes for possession and contractions
  • Spelling errors.

Please don’t rush this and take your time. It’s harder than it looks. I have attached the answer sheet so an adult can mark it when you have finished. Let me know how you did.


I will be monitoring your activity to see who completes both of the tasks.

LO – To round decimals to the nearest whole number and tenth.

This week, we are focusing on decimals. Click on the link to take you to the White Rose website and look for Summer Term – Week 7. Watch the video for Lesson 3. We are NOT doing lessons 1 and 2 so make sure you are on the right lesson by watching the video for LESSON 3.

Then complete the worksheet I have uploaded below. Have a go and do your best. Mark your work and send me your score through the blog or by email.

LO – To understand what life was life for poor children in the Victorian times

This is one of my favourite lessons ever to teach! Life for Victorian children was very different to your lives now, especially for poor children. Some children did not go to school and they had to work to support their families from as young as four years old. Read the information on the slides below about the different jobs children had to do. I have also uploaded a word document with more information about the different jobs for you to read.

Now watch the videos below on children at work.

Horrible Histories - Victorian Work Song

I would now like you to choose 4 (or more if you like) jobs that poor children had to do. You are going to write in riddle to see if someone can guess which job you are describing. For example:


Hello there! My name is Jim and I’m 8 years old. I’m really quite small so that’s why I was chosen for this job! I spend my life being dirty and covered in soot. I used to be scared of the dark but I’m used to it now. If you want to do my job, be prepared for cuts, grazes and even suffocation. Can you guess what I do?


I am a…Chimney Sweeper!


Hi my name is Annie and I’m 8. Good job I don’t mind being cold and good job I’m not scared of strangers because I’m on the streets all day! “Get your shoes shiny, flowers for sale, matches here,” are what you will hear me saying. Sadly, I sometimes have to steal money or food to eat to survive.


I am a…Street Seller!


You should aim to do this for at least 4 different jobs and you can choose how you set this out. You can either write them in your book just as I have done above or you may want to type them into a word document and insert a picture next to it.


Please email these to me or post them on the blog. I’m looking forward to seeing them!

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