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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Monday 23rd March

Lets wake up and move about to one of our favourite songs!

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1. Dough Disco - Use your play dough from your pack and get ready to squeeze!

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2. Counting Practice: Warm up your number memory by counting along the number track. Try clapping the right number of claps for each number. Look in your Home Learning Bag and find your large domino sheets and some small objects like counters, pasta, buttons, toy animals. Can you put the correct number of objects on each domino to match the spots?

Take a picture of your objects when you have put them on the domino sheets or find your big yellow book and write two of the numbers (with help) and try to draw the objects. Please do not draw on the domino sheets because we will need them another day.

3. Phonics: Can you think of things that begin with the S sound? Use your big yellow book to write the letter S in the middle and draw different things beginning with S. Go on a sound hunt! Can you find things in your house that begin with S? Take a picture of your big yellow book or things that you find and email them to us!

Remember every day to

  • use clear speaking skills
  • ask for things with your words and not gestures
  • use kind hands
  • have good manners 
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