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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Thursday June 4th

Good Morning Year 1


Well, yesterday's weather was a bit different wasn't it!

Mind you it was easier to work in after all the hot stuffwink


Today I would like you to choose some Physical activity as usual. If you do it first or in the middle or at the end of your work, or even in between each piece of work it does not matter. BUT please make sure you get moving!


Our English work today is in your Comprehension books.

Page 21 asks you to read carefully and find the correct sentence to match.

Page 22 asks you to find TWO correct sentences.

Be careful with your reading. You really should be able to read everything yourself.


Today's maths is reviewing number.

It is a set of questions from Inspire maths.

You will need to write out the questions and their answers.

These today are really for the start of the year so they should be quite straightforward for you.

  • Read the question carefully.
  • Use resources to count with if you need.
  • If is is not right then do it again and re check your answer.











Finally I want you to look at a You Tube clip.

This clip is of Magic Grandad at the beach 100 years ago.

I have watched it and it is very interesting.

It is for our History work this half term.

When you watch, look carefully at what is happening and listen to what is being said.

Think about when you go to the seaside.

Is it the same?

Is it different?

 When you have finished watching and listening please use your yellow workbook and draw and complete a table like mine. Then complete the sentence at the end.


My Table


Seaside now and in the past

Magic Grandad’s visit to the seaside

The Same






I prefer the seaside……..


The clip to watch is here


I do hope you enjoy watching this clip. It made me laughlaugh


Please keep sending your work.

Thank you

Love Mrs Cloughheart





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