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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Wednesday 27th January 2021

Hello Year One,

Wow we are half way through the week already. Well done to you all for your super eye spy challenge I am very impressed. I would like to congratulate the children who have been reading at home and in school especially on Epic Reading we have read in total 325 books! WOW! laugh

Please continue too read as you are all becoming super readers!

Below you will find your lessons for today, please accept my apologies for the technical side of things with the videos yesterday. Hopefully todays lessons will work.

Have a lovely day heart

Let’s wake up our brains and bodies!

Penguin Dance


Today I have set you a little game of Bingo. Your instructions are place your counter/ figurine anywhere on the outside path so this is the digraphs in the circles. You can only move by rolling a dice. If you do not have a dice at home click the link below to use the spinner. Next roll your dice and move the amount rolled. When you land on a letter or digraph, say its sounds and dot a matching picture on the bingo board. You can circle, dot or cross the picture out. When you get 5 in a row the game is over. Have fun!

Please also complete pages 18–19 in your Phonics Books.


Children a mystery visitor has arrived at St Johns and has left a book for us to read.

Click on the video below to see! laugh


Still image for this video

Please access your English lesson the school videos page for further information. Then Click on the link below for your worksheet. Thank you.


For your Math’s lesson today, we are going to be looking at odd and even numbers. Listen to the song below then please click on the link below to access the school video page. Once you have watched the video please complete todays tasks.

Task 1: Odd and Even worksheet

Task 2: Colour a 100 square identifying odd and even numbers.

Count by Odd Numbers & Exercise


As we are looking at friendship I have found a little story that you can read. You may need a grown up to help you with this task. Once you have read the story please complete the activity ‘The Friendship Hedgehog’. You can do this in your Green book. (Please only print the worksheet off if you would like there is no pressure, I understand.)

Have a lovely day!

 Miss Armstrong smiley

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