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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Tuesday 23rd February

Good morning Year 5. What a brilliant first day back you had yesterday! You sent in some wonderful work and I once again enjoyed seeing you all on TEAMS. I was especially impressed with your English work yesterday and you gave some brilliant advice to Pandora. Thank you for your suggestions for our Almsgiving project for Lent. I especially liked the ideas related to 100 like the brilliant Captain Tom Moore.


Here are your lessons for today. Please make sure you blog or email your work.

LO – To understand and explain the vocabulary used by an author.

Yesterday you watched the clip of Pandora’s Box following on from the story we listened to when we were in school. As it is a myth, there are so many different versions of the story. They all follow a similar storyline however some details are different. Today, I would like you to begin with reading the myth of Pandora’s Box below.

Now you are going to answer the questions in the document below which all focus on the vocabulary used in the myth. You may need a dictionary (you may use one online if you don’t have one) for question number 9.

LO – To calculate the perimeter of rectilinear shapes.

Today we are going to continue with calculating the perimeter. You all worked hard trying to find the missing lengths yesterday. That’s the trickiest part! Please log in to Education City to find today’s lesson. There are 4 parts to it and you need to complete them all. Don’t forget to look out for missing lengths before adding all the measurements together to find the perimeter!


OPTIONAL TASK – Have a go at this worksheet if you finish early and would like to continue!

LO – To revise telling the time in French

In our lesson today, we are going to revise telling the time in French. There is a video to watch on the school video page, it is located in the French home learning section and is called 'Year 5 time revision'. As you watch the video, note down any vocabulary that you find tricky or difficult to remember, and include the English translation with it.


At the end of the video there is a task to complete - you are asked to write the time in French for the clocks shown on the final slide of the presentation. The presentation is below as a reference if you need to look back at any of the content on the video.


Once you have completed the task from the video, there is a word document below with the final part of the task. There are some additional clocks for you to write the time in French. All the vocabulary you need can be found on the PowerPoint presentation or on the worksheet.


Please take your time to ensure your sentences are as accurate as possible. Don’t forget to email or blog your work!

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