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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Charity Work


Tuesday 17th May 2016

Lisa Humphries and Humphrey Bear from the Royal Manchester Children's Hospital came to visit St. Johns this afternoon. They were presented with a cheque for £2,872.64.  We are thrilled at how much we have raised by dyeing hair, school chaplains selling items and all the school wearing something silly on their heads for a day.

Thursday 10th March 2016


Thank you to Tim Littlechild from 2br for giving up his time to have his hair and beard shaved off in front of the whole school.  Tia and her sister Tegan became hairdressers for the morning helping Jane with the clippers.  Mrs McKeating now has purple hair and Mrs Carlile has pink!  These were unveiled in the assembly.  Thank you to everyone who has donated money.  So far, we have raised over £1,700.

Monday 8th February 2016


Four children from Year 6 joined Mrs Taylor and Mrs Byrom on a 5km run for charity.  They raised over £200.  Well done.  Vicky from Pendleside Hospice came to collect the money from the children.  The amount on the poster is a bit out dated due to the children collecting even more money over the weekend.

Saturday 26th September 2015


Thanks to Mr. McKeating allowing us use of his van, all the donations for the Syrian Refugees have been safely delivered to the depot at Morecambe. On Saturday morning, Mr and Mrs McKeating and their children arrived at school with the mammoth task of loading up the van. Thankfully, lots of willing parents and children were on hand to help as they were at school attending the dance class. As a community, we have been overwhelmed with your generosity and thank you for all your support. 

Padiham schools unite for refugees appeal



Yesterday was a great success. We began the day with a whole school assembly to help the children understand how this crisis has come about and the magnitude of the plight of the Syrian refugees.


Following this, children from the various schools started bringing their donations to our hall where our children were busily sorting donations brought by St Johns children.


We are so very proud of the families in Padiham who have given so generously to support our efforts to send much needed aid to the refugees.  It was lovely to have pupils from other schools all working as one to organise the donations for despatch.  The children are rightly very proud of their work and all worked extremely hard. We were also supported with a few parents who kindly helped with the grand sorting, labelling and packaging.


As educators our role is to help our children understand world issues and see through the politics to see the plight of innocent families who have had their world turned upside down. At St. John's, we feel that by doing this jointly as a group of schools we have made a stance and given a strong message that we should and are willing to help the refugees in their search for refuge and peace.


Our school Chaplains, VIP’s and School Councillors were kept busy for most of the morning as they sorted and labelled the donations into categories and sizes.


On Saturday Mrs McKeating will be utilising her husbands vans from his business and taking the items to a ‘Helping Hands’ depot in Morecome where they will then be transported to CalAid to distribute to the camps in Calais.


Our school Chaplains also wrote a letter to local shops to request support and donations

·        One Stop kindly donated toiletries, soap powder and toilet rolls

·        Ali’s uniform shop donated blazers, socks, hats, belts and travelling bags

·        Broadbelts Hardware store gave cooking trays, candles and washing lines

·        Tesco gave a £15 voucher and we are going to take the chaplains down to the store to use this to buy torches.

·        East Lancashire People first charity for adults with learning difficulties gave a variety of mens coats, pants, socks and shoes


The items collected have mainly been for males as there is a ratio of 10:1 in camps.  In humanitarian disasters such as this it is always the children who people have the greatest empathy because they are so innocent and helpless in these situations.  In October we will be launching Operation Christmas Child.  Our children will be given a special shoe box and they will be asked to fill it with gifts for a child trapped in the camps.  These will be taken to the children in time for Christmas by Samaritans purse.  I will contact you when we are ready to launch this appeal.

Relay for Life - Festival of Fun

24 Hour Walk



On the 5th September, a team of staff from St. John's completed a 24 hour walk to raise money for the charity PETAL.  PETAL supports CANCER RESEARCH, specifically Childhood Cancers.  This is the 5th year that the 'Belles of St. John's' have attended this event.


A big 'Well Done' must go to Mrs McKeating, Mrs and Miss Carlile and Mrs Collins and all her family as they were the ones that kept the team going throughout the night.  A member of the team had to be walking on the track at all times and they were supported by visits from Mrs Byrom, Mr Kelly, Mrs Parkinson and Miss Hartley.  


The 'Belles of St. John's' also had help from the Coan family including James and Amelia who came on Saturday afternoon to help walk around the track with us. Although it was a very emotional experience remembering loved ones that we have lost as well as celebrating people who have survived cancer, there was a fantastic community atmosphere around our camp.


Money is still being collected and so far we have raised nearly £200.  Donations are still being accepted at the office and we also have a JUST GIVING page which can be found through the PETAL charity homepage under the name of the 'Belles of St. John's'.



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