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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Thursday 25th February

Good morning Year 6!

I hope you are well and enjoying your learning. There were lots of good ideas for your Lenten tasks yesterday and in school we really enjoyed making our Climate Change powerpoints. Don't forget to attach yours to an email and send it in as I would like to see them all.  Charlie, Annalise and Gracie's were brilliant! Make sure you log in to the Year 6 Teams Meeting at 9.10 am every week day morning as it is for ALL home learners. Now it's time to get out your books and pens and find out what today's work is!



Today's exercise choices:

1. Go outside for a refreshing walk.

2. Click on the link to Go Noodle and complete 3 of your favourite routines.

3. Have a go at the Bingo Challenge Mr Steele has put on the main Class Page - this looks fun!



Unfortunately, there wasn't much reading completed yesterday. I was quite sad that it was our worst day for a long time. Come on everyone, log on to the getepic website and do some reading!!  Aim for 10 - 15 minutes of reading each day and our total will grow day by day. 


Below are your tasks for today. Remember if you need to ask any questions go to the class blog and add a comment to 25-2-21 TODAY'S WORK. Keep checking the comments on this BLOG because that is where we will post our replies to you.


You have 2 tasks to complete today.




LO: To use comprehension skills

Click on the document below which is a text about climate change called 'Dear Humans'. It's very entertaining! You will see the questions at the end of the text. When you have read the text carefully, answer the questions in your exercise book.

Blog or email these 2 tasks as normal.

Maths Topic- Integers and Decimals

L.O Applying Addition and Subtraction.

This is your last lesson of this unit and it’s all about finding the most efficient way of solving word problems. In this lesson you will practice representing decimal numbers and apply previous learning to solve addition and subtraction problems. You will use bar models and other representations to help you make sense of the word problems, before applying calculation strategies to find the solution.

Get your book and pen ready. Your teacher is Mrs Harris again, and she will guide you through your lesson.

I have also attached the questions on a pdf. 


Click on the link below to open your lesson and let me know how you did on the BLOG or EMAIL. What did you score on the quiz?


This is our first lesson on Evolution and Inheritance. Today we are learning about Fossils.

Watch the video that will explain what a fossil is and how they are made. Then you have the choice of 3 activities.

Option 1. Open the PDF and answer the questions on fossils. Write your answers in your book and send a picture or straight onto the BLOG.

Option 2. Make your own FOSSIL using SALT DOUGH or try being a paleontologist using chocolate chip cookies. Pictures would be lovely. YOU MUST HAVE AN ADULT WITH YOU IF YOU ARE USING THE OVEN. 

Option 3. Make a pasta fossil fish.

Option 4. Make an ammonite.


Fossils are the stone remains of animals or plants that were once alive. Fossils can be the bones of a dead dinosaur or his big footprints in the sand. Usual...

Option 3 and 4

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