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Tuesday 19th May

Good Morning Year 6 and a happy Tuesday to you!

Well done to those of you who completed all their learning yesterday - you are fantastic!  Many people enjoyed Go Noodle and played Bingo! If you didn't, you are missing out on your learning which is not just writing in books but also keeping active and interacting with your family. All these tasks are important. There were only 19 people who completed their Education City task. Normally, this is much higher so if you forgot to do it, go back and complete it today. Right, let's get to work... 


Below are your tasks for today. Remember if you need to ask any questions go to the class blog and add a comment to 19-5-20 TODAY'S WORK. Keep checking the comments on this BLOG because that is where we will post our replies to you.


Go Noodle Week

This is the second day of Go Noodle week! Lots of you enjoyed the activities yesterday and many of you selected Footloose as one of your choices. Today, I want you to access Moose Tube! Choose 3 activities to do. I suggest: Little Green Froggy, The Pirate Life and Purple Stew. Click on the link below and enjoy! Let me know which you choose and how you get on!


L.O To recognise the front view, side view and top view of a shape.

Go to the MATHS FOLDER on the YEAR 6 CLASS PAGE. There are 3 parts to today's lesson.

PART 1 - Play the game called COUNT THE CUBES. Play it more than once and try to improve your score. 

PART 2- Watch the video that will explain what the front view, side view and top view of a shape is.

PART 3- ANSWER THE QUESTIONS ON THE SLIDES BELOW THE VIDEO. Do the work in your maths book and send me a picture if you can using the BLOG or EMAIL. If you can't send a picture you must still send a BLOG to tell me you have completed the work. 


Answers to yesterday's present perfect task are in the English Folder underneath the date folders on the Year 6 website page. (The Siege of Baghdad answers are in the History folder).

There are 2 tasks today, which ask you to understand a text. The first is a short one and the second a longer one.


LO: To understand a text

Write today's date and LO in your exercise book or on a word document. Underneath this, write the title and author of the book that you are reading. Then, write a paragraph to explain what is happening in your book and make a comment on these events. Tell me how you feel about them. Attach this work to the blog or email it to me.



LO: To understand a text

Find your KS2 English SAT Buster Reading Non-Fiction Book One. Turn to page 23 and read CAREFULLY the text called ‘Inside the World of Jam’. It explains how the traditional jam product has been transformed with new flavours – a type of new invention. Then, answer the questions on pages 26-30. I will post the answers tomorrow so you can mark your work and tell me the score out of 33.


LO: To use the layering technique

Today’s task is for you to be very creative and use your digital art skills to paint your own choice of scene. Take a photo of a scene in your house or outside. Use the David Hockney examples in the Art Folder on the Year 6 website page as your inspiration. Re-create this scene using your online paint package. This is a real opportunity to be creative and interpret the photograph in your own style. Make sure you use the layering technique (large brush strokes first to cover the background, then finer brushes to add detail). Use a RANGE of shades of one colour. Look again at David Hockney’s work to see amazing examples of these details. This work should take at least 30 minutes. When you have finished your digital artwork, copy your work onto the blog or email it to me. Enjoy!


LO: To research different types of currency (money)

Bonjour! This week we are setting you a little challenge! Your task is to find out about the currency (money) used in several French speaking countries around the world. The powerpoint has a table to complete, then you need to draw the coins and notes from three of the countries on slide 2. The challenge question is on slide 3 - we would like to see which class has the most children posting a comment on Mrs Miskell's  blog post! Year 6 you'd better win this!!  Come on!!

Just a reminder, we will do the lesson about La Tour de France after half term, so all your work from last week will still be needed! Fantastic news for La Tour fans - you know who you are!



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