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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Our new friends at Burbage Primary School, Hoxton, London.

7th January 2014


A big St. John's 'hello' to all the children in Miss Kelly's class at Burbage Primary School, Hoxton. Thank you all very much for your letters.  What a great way to start the New Year. The children here at St. John's were very excited to read them and are busy writing back to you.  They have been looking on Google Earth at Hoxton and comparing it to our local area.  We noticed straight away that we are surrounded by a lot more green areas such as fields, moors and playing fields.  Burbage school seems to be surrounded by houses, flats and shops.  There are 30 children in our year 2 class and, (if we have counted correctly), there are 18 children in your class. We will be adding some more information here soon including some photos of our local environment.

8th January 2014


These are some of the comments that the children have made after they received a letter from the children of Burbage Primary School.


I did not know who I was writing to but now I know, it is very exciting.  I like how there are 3 floors at their school as our school only has one.  By Oliver


I am very excited to be writing a letter to the children.  By Edward


I can't wait until the letters are sent.  I am writing back to Derek.  By Melissa


I loved writing to Emilia and I am looking forward to getting another letter back.  By Tegan


I loved the picture of their Nature Garden.  I feel very excited.  By Maddison


I am very excited about writing to Diana.  I hope they like Stanley the snail.  By Loui


I feel excited to write a letter to London.  By Emma


I am very excited about writing to Iman.  I wonder what they are thinking about Stanley.  Stanley once tried to get out of his tank!  By Frankie


I am really excited and I can't wait to see if I get another reply. By Charlie


We have a pet snail, he is called Stanley.  I can't wait to see if I get another letter.  I wonder if they have found some snails in their nature garden?  By Mckenzie


I'm very excited to write to you.  I don't know what Emilia looks like yet but I love her name.  By Evie


Thank you for your letters.  I am writing a letter back. By Ben


I am feeling excited to be writing a letter to Hannah.  By Lydia


When I found out that we had been sent some letters, I felt amazed.  I am writing back to Ayden.  By Logan


I felt excited to write a letter to Sally.  I hope that Sally likes Stanley!  By Tilly


I felt surprised, amazed and astonished when we received the letters.  I could not believe that we had got some letters from London.  I will be writing back to Riana.  By Kiah


I am writing to John-Paul but I am a bit nervous.  By James


I am excited because I don't know anyone in London.  By Ethan


I was excited when I was writing a letter back.  Thank you for our letters.  By Jayden


I feel a little bit scared writing back as I do not know the children.  By Grace


It was fun writing my letter.  We have been very busy writing these.  By Alfie



These are some of the images we have found of their school and the surrounding area.

These are some photos taken of our local area in Burnley and Padiham. See if Miss. Kelly can remember where they all are!

These are some of the types of houses in our local area. They use different materials to make them.

We had a look at our school and Burbage Primary School on Google Earth.  We looked at the surrounding area and compared the two.  We all noticed that our school is surrouded by a lot of green land whereas Burbage Primary is surrounded by lots of buildings which are flats, houses and shops. 

Can you spot St John's School and Burbage Primary School?

21st January


Our letters are written and they are on the way to you all.  Happy reading!  Since we wrote, we have had some exciting news in Year 2.  A fish we rescued from next door gave birth to 30 little 'fries' as they are called on Friday morning whilst we were all at church.  This was rather unexpected!  See Stanley's diary for the full story and some pictures.  This photo is of a display we have made in our classroom of our letters to you all in London.  We hope to hear again from you really soon.

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