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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Wednesday 20th May

Good morning! I’m receiving some wonderful work this week so a big well done to those of you who are sending it through email or the blog. It is lovely to see how hard you are working even though you are at home. A lot of you have found the Maths tricky this week but keep going and have a go.

I would still like more of you blogging as a lot of you are not using it.

Here are your lessons for today:

LO – To use descriptive language


Watch this clip of passengers boarding the ship, taken from the 1997 film Titanic:

Orignial Titanic Boarding Scene

Watch it again and pause at key points as you watch. Jot down any words or phrases for the things you can see and hear in the clip, such as:


  • Cars arriving
  • Crowds of people
  • Third-class passengers having a health inspection
  • The ship’s horn.


Now go back and improve your words and phrases by adding in adjectives and other descriptive devices. For example:

  • ‘cars arriving’ may become ‘luxurious, gleaming cars arrived on the crowded dock’
  • ‘crowds of people’ may become ‘there was a tingle of anticipation and the crowds of people were like a swarm of ants.’ 

Do at least 5 sentences like this. Aim high with your vocabulary and use a thesaurus such as if you are struggling for words.


Once you have improved your sentences, I want you to have a go at writing this scene in narrative form. Imagine this scene is for a new opening of a story about Titanic. Write the opening to the story retelling this scene with a focus on descriptive language.


You can choose whether to write in first person, ‘As I arrived, I saw Titanic for this first time’ or third person ‘As Character name (you choose your character) arrived, she/he saw Titanic for the first time.’


Aim high – as always – with your vocabulary and sentence structure and make sure you continue to proof-read your work as you write, checking for spelling and punctuation. Please email these to me or post a picture on the blog. 

LO – To add mixed numbers

I know a lot of you are finding the Maths tricky this week but keep going and try your best. Click on the link below to find Lesson 3 on the White Rose website. Watch the video and complete the worksheet. Please mark your work and send me your score on the blog or by sending an email.

LO – To compose and perform using body percussion

In our final lesson of the half term, we are going to compose our own short poem, and then perform it using body percussion. You will write your poem based on the Grand Canyon.


Use the rhythms we have been practising and the poem from last week to help you write your own 4 line poem. Please send your poems in by email or on the blog, and if you can please send in a short video of you performing your poem.


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