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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Tuesday 7th April

Good morning my fabulous class! What a brilliant day yesterday was. I was certainly one proud teacher after receiving emails of some exceptional work! I especially like seeing the pictures of you as I really do miss you all. I really like seeing pictures of you doing additional activities as well as your school work so please keep them coming as they're making me smile. Here is what I would like you to do today:



LO - To make comparisons between texts 

Watch Harry Potter seeing Diagon Alley for the first time on the clip below. Then read the extract which describes this scene (also below).You then have 3 tasks to do.


1. Write down any similarities to the Nowhere Emporium description yesterday.

2. Write five sentences to describe what Harry can see. Think about how to open your sentences in different ways, e.g. ‘ing opener’ such as: ‘Peering intently, Harry saw wonders he had never seen before’.

3. Which do you think was the most effective, text or film, to describe Diagon Alley? Write down your response giving evidence from both what you have read and watched.


Complete this in your exercise book. You can comment on my post on the blog to tell me which one you prefer and why if you want.


EXTENSION - If you want to do more English today, write your own version of this scene – can you improve on the original? I'm sure you can!

Diagon Alley - Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone



Today I want you to complete the arithmetic test below. You are used to doing these in school and this is our last one of the Spring term. I have also attached the answers for an adult to mark it after. I still want to write down your scores in my green teacher book like I do in school so please send me your score on the blog or by email. Don't look at the answers. 


LO - To look at the events of Good Friday - the crucifixion


Think about the Stations of the Cross (you have seen them in church) and how they show scenes from the journey of Jesus from his trial, Pilate washing his hands of Jesus, to him being taken down from the Cross after his death. 

Read the information above and look carefully at the pictures at the end. These show the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary and I want you to reflect on them and think about what they show.


Your task is to reflect on the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary. I want you to find out what the name of each one is, find a picture and say what is happening and why it is happening. There are 5 altogether. You could copy and paste the picture into a word document and type next to it; you could print the pictures off, stick them in your book and write next to it; or you could make a PowerPoint explaining each picture. I would love to see them. There is an example below with some websites that might help you.

Mrs Miskell has also set a French task if you want to complete this. Read the information on the webpage to discover lots of facts and traditions about Easter in France and then use the link at the bottom of the page to answer the 14 questions on the quiz. Please post your scores on the French blog post so we can see how you have done. You could also create a poster to highlight some of the French Easter traditions. Try to use some of the French words you have learnt to label pictures on your poster. There are lots of ideas you could include, especially related to all the different foods.

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